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For the connectivity of couples

Sexual restraint is not just seen in men, as you may think. The same goes for women. There can be many reasons for this. But most importantly, it should not be embarrassing in such a situation. There is no unsolvable solution. According to today’s researchers, every third couple is divorced because of the problem of sexual aversion. They call it violent incompatibility. But when you come to the content, the problem of sexual restraint comes up. Although this is small, it is a fact that can not be underestimated. So if you have such a problem, be sure to take care of it as soon as possible.
The sexual life allows couples to be much closer together. Even the attitude and commitment of the couple to each other are geared to it. Sexuality is no longer a shame to be embarrassed to talk about in society. So you can say without hesitation if you have such a problem. You can get help from a doctor who was not the best. Today, couples are no longer afraid of visiting urologists or psychiatrists. That’s how it should be. But if you do not now doctors, as is almost always in your head, if the pain is the same in all cases of sexual painkiller drug use. When the doctor gets bored at work, almost everyone starts giving the same medicines. , , If you are faced with such a situation as you or your spouse while forgoing sexual intercourse with you and you then do not have to come to terms with it if you produce kinds of excuses! Sexual unity is essential for a regular, happy marriage. This situation will surely be unbearable for you one day, even if you ignore it. Because this health is also a sign. But there are still couples who can not comment on their problems or see divorce as a solution. In such a case, do not try to break your marriage, but save your marriage in a more logical way. At this point we recommend you to use the drug Estrogenolit. Try the difference!

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