It is achieving an orgasm that foreshadow the physical intent, sexual tension and sexual urge of the sexual relationship. For this, sexual desire and warning must reach the pinnacle.
It is only through love games that we call pre-sexuality before the relationship begins, although the sexual consciousness can reach the peak. Love games, with many different touches, strokes and kisses, increases the severity of sexual desire and stimuli. The sensitivity of the lips, which is close to the sensitivity of the hands in man, is very important to kissing, so it is important not to prejoice. With hugging, the person begins to feel your partner’s body.
Magic touches
When sexual desire occurs, it becomes a sensitive region with non sexual regions. In the treatment of sexual problems, it is the most important evidence that sexologists have to do exercises that make all body, except sexual organ, into a sexual organ. Touching places like the chest, hips and crotch increases the stimulation. At the end of the stimulation and in many men, the nipples become hard and hard.
The chest becomes fuller and firmer in the females. Pulse and blood pressure increase in both male and female, breathing is accelerated. Women should not be passive in this stage of foreplay, and you should not think that your mobility is a lonely male-specific situation. The woman should not escape from the mankind. Every touch is actually an approach. The important thing is that you know how to touch it. For example, are you not affected if your partner kisses small parts of your body?

It is necessary for the woman to prepare the script for the man to ‘touch, caress, compliment, to make small messages and to be nice and valuable to women, to feel desire, to look at him with a good eye’. In sexual life, the preparation process, excitement, stimulation process, focus, ejaculation and orgasm are especially important for women
it is a longer process, and before touching on sex it needs to be replaced by another touch, until a strong desire is made

Foreplay love is a must for sexual union ..!

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